no bottom

1) Election time in the USA

Another example of pay to play

Thirty second sound bites makin’ crazy claims

Whippin’ up a frenzy with their advertising games

Big money pouring in like gasoline on flames

Democracy is up for sale, the price is still the same



No bottom, hey, there ain’t no bottom


2) The rich are gettin’ richer, the poor just get abused

People in the middle payin’ way too many dues

Jobs are goin’ offshore, there ain’t much left to lose

Most of us are trapped here by the tightening of screws

Election time is coming, there isn’t much to choose

The right wing is the wrong thing but they control the news   Chorus



There’s no bottom in our politics, no bottom I can see

We celebrate the criminals and guilty men go free

Find someone to scapegoat, hang’em from a tree ‘cause there ain’t   Chorus


3) The center has no backbone, the left is at a loss

Freedom’s hangin’ by a thread like Christ up on the cross

All these politicians makin’ deals out in the halls

Justice seems to have no legs, it barely even crawls

Everything is secret but the cameras on the walls

Come on people wake up, there’s things we need to shake up,

things we need to break up before darkness falls   Chorus



"Moss Henry is an incredible songwriter and musician who puts his talents to work speaking his mind with a refreshing and powerful directness. His music is about making the world a better place."

Steve DeLap, Our Roots are Showing, KRCB FM

"Moss Henry is an amazing singer/songwriter, with lyrics that are right on the mark and music that touches something deep inside."

Wally James, The Progressive Forum, KPFT Pacifica Radio Houston, TX