the river is risin'

1) He was a black man in a white man’s world

Where Jim Crow lived and hatred swirled

But people followed him into the street

Marchin’ and singin’ in the southern heat



He said the river is risin’ won’t be long

River is risin’ big and strong

Comin’ down from the mountain in a mighty stream

River is risin’, I have a dream


2) They raised their voices, you could hear them callin’

They were done with waitin’, tired of stallin’

Demanding justice and a piece of the pie

Not just the crumbs or another lie   Chorus



He talked about slavery and blood on the land

Strange fruit hangin’ and the shadow of the Klan

Selma, Memphis and Birmingham

Washington and Wall Street and Vietnam


3) He understood it was more than race

Keepin’ the poor down in their place

He called the game of empire a sin and a crime

When he said those words he crossed a line   Chorus



"Moss Henry is an incredible songwriter and musician who puts his talents to work speaking his mind with a refreshing and powerful directness. His music is about making the world a better place."

Steve DeLap, Our Roots are Showing, KRCB FM

"Moss Henry is an amazing singer/songwriter, with lyrics that are right on the mark and music that touches something deep inside."

Wally James, The Progressive Forum, KPFT Pacifica Radio Houston, TX