sago mine disaster

1) The men got up in the mornin’, said goodbye to their kids

Headed down into the mine just like their fathers did

Two miles down in darkness they worked the coal black seam

Breakin’ rocks and their bodies too just to buy the owner’s dream



Twelve men dead down in the mine they join the sad parade

Men who didn’t have to die

But that’s how they were paid


2) They hadn’t been down too long when they heard a distant blast

They ran down deeper into the mine which filled with poison gas

It was every miner’s nightmare but they did what they could do

Hunkered down and waited for some help to make it through  Chorus



Safety was a side bar to the man they called the boss

His bottom line had always been his profit and his loss

He knew the politicians, gave money to his friends

He never fixed a goddamn thing and the rules were made to bend


3) Forty hours later the rescue team arrived

Way too late for most of them, only one survived  Chorus

"Moss Henry is an incredible songwriter and musician who puts his talents to work speaking his mind with a refreshing and powerful directness. His music is about making the world a better place."

Steve DeLap, Our Roots are Showing, KRCB FM

"Moss Henry is an amazing singer/songwriter, with lyrics that are right on the mark and music that touches something deep inside."

Wally James, The Progressive Forum, KPFT Pacifica Radio Houston, TX