Child of the Moon

1) At fourteen you were livin’ on the street

At fifteen you’d been knocked right off your feet

At sixteen there was nothin’ left of sweet

And every song you sing is out of tune



Child of the Moon (3x)


2) The sun never shines where you are

And you laugh too loud climbin’ in some stranger’s car

God knows that you won’t get very far

Cookin’ up dark magic in a spoon   Chorus



Is there anyone remembers your real name?

A family somewhere went down in flames

Somebody left too big a bruise

They left you thinkin’ you had nothin’ left to lose


3) But livin’ on the street, that’s no crime

Still you’re livin’ like a prisoner doin’ hard time

If you want a life it’s gonna be a real hard climb

If you’re gonna make it, better make it soon   Chorus


"Moss Henry is an incredible songwriter and musician who puts his talents to work speaking his mind with a refreshing and powerful directness. His music is about making the world a better place."

Steve DeLap, Our Roots are Showing, KRCB FM

"Moss Henry is an amazing singer/songwriter, with lyrics that are right on the mark and music that touches something deep inside."

Wally James, The Progressive Forum, KPFT Pacifica Radio Houston, TX