1) I was a child of the light, I’ve waited all through the night, gettin’ older, gettin’ old with the   waiting

But now I see through the rain that it’s mornin’ again and the night, I can feel the night fading

I’m singin’


Joy, here comes the sun

Joy, nights finally done, joy


2) I’d been held by the tears, by the anger and fears from the past

In my heart they were living

Late at night in my dreams I replayed those old scenes

But it’s time, it’s time I was forgiving and singin’  Chorus



So here’s to the face in the shadows

Here’s to the voice in my ears

Here’s to the child who was shattered

It’s mornin’, it’s mornin, you hear?

I’m singin’  Chorus



Joy (repeats)

"Moss Henry is an incredible songwriter and musician who puts his talents to work speaking his mind with a refreshing and powerful directness. His music is about making the world a better place."

Steve DeLap, Our Roots are Showing, KRCB FM

"Moss Henry is an amazing singer/songwriter, with lyrics that are right on the mark and music that touches something deep inside."

Wally James, The Progressive Forum, KPFT Pacifica Radio Houston, TX