Bradley Manning, Whistleblower

Americans express horror at Germans for keeping silent during World War ll and covering up atrocities. We are appalled at them saying “I was only following orders”. We believe those orders were unconscionable and should not have been followed. Since Bradley Manning released documents proving that the United States is committing war crimes, he has . . . → Read More: Bradley Manning, Whistleblower

Newtown Massacre

Shots ring out and the children fall. Little hands that, moments before held crayons, toys or a friend’s hand, are now still. Smooth cheeks that felt a parent’s caress, that framed magical smiles and serious frowns, are pale and lifeless. Eyes, that were bright with excitement, wonder or tears, are now closed in their final . . . → Read More: Newtown Massacre

Israel, Gaza and a bit of history.

There are some terrible parallels between what’s happening now in Gaza and what happened in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II. Then, the Jewish population was penned into a small ghetto, deprived of basic necessities and targeted for extermination. Some Jews fought back though they had virtually no weapons. They also had nothing to . . . → Read More: Israel, Gaza and a bit of history.

No Arms Trade Agreement

The United Nations Conference on an arms trade treaty ended in failure because the Obama administration decided it needs more time to study the agreement, which had been worked out and approved by 90 countries. Although the treaty had nothing in it that was controversial and did not affect gun control in the United States, . . . → Read More: No Arms Trade Agreement

Spiritual Death

Last Sunday, on 60 Minutes, Jose Rodriguez, former head of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, justified torture, euphemistically called “enhanced interrogation techniques”. John Brennan, a Counterterrorism Advisor to the White House, spoke publicly Monday about the use of drones as a wise, efficient and ethical way to kill terrorists, comparing it to the targeting of German . . . → Read More: Spiritual Death

Trayvon Martin

The murder of Trayvon Martin doesn’t raise new questions it highlights old ones. Had the killer, George Zimmerman, been a black vigilante who killed a white child, he would have been arrested, quite likely beaten or shot for “resisting arrest” and jailed without bail assuming he wasn’t already dead.

Racism in this country continues unabated, . . . → Read More: Trayvon Martin

Occupy: Encampments or not?

I am wondering if those who have been involved with the Occupy Movement or followed it closely believe it’s valuable/essential that there be an encampment. Are you more likely to be active if there is? Or does it seem like a stage that was useful but can now be left behind? Please feel free to . . . → Read More: Occupy: Encampments or not?

Some thoughts about the Death Penalty

Americans recoil at the thought of human sacrifice, ritual killing to appease an angry or powerful god. It seems so primitive, so barbaric. And yet we have the death penalty here, now, in these “civilized” times, justifying one murder with another. I believe such executions reflect the Old Testament dictum of an eye for an . . . → Read More: Some thoughts about the Death Penalty

Cleveland Wrecking Ball

Sixty Minutes aired a segment tonight showing abandoned homes in Cleveland being bulldozed, at taxpayer’s expense, after vandals had stripped them. Abandoned houses bring down property values, the economic justification for the destruction. Banks foreclosed on the homes, refusing to lower the principal so homeowners could stay and they would get something for the property, As it is, . . . → Read More: Cleveland Wrecking Ball

Pepper Spray, etc.

The recent incidents of police brutality against peaceful protesters highlight a number of things:

Our government’s enthusiasm for protests elsewhere does not extend to our own citizens, no matter how justified the cause. In fact, democratic movements are a threat to US policies which often support dictators. That hypocrisy remains stable from administration to administration. . . . → Read More: Pepper Spray, etc.

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