Israel, Gaza and a bit of history. — Moss Henry

Israel, Gaza and a bit of history.

There are some terrible parallels between what’s happening now in Gaza and what happened in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II. Then, the Jewish population was penned into a small ghetto, deprived of basic necessities and targeted for extermination. Some Jews fought back though they had virtually no weapons. They also had nothing to lose. The German military, with overwhelming force, eventually destroyed the ghetto, bombing it into rubble.

I don’t believe Israel is trying to exterminate the Palestinians, but I do think they want them to go away and allow Israelis to take possession of land that many Jews see as theirs, basing their claims on biblical times. Palestinians, having lived there for a very long time, do not agree.

The often tragic history of the Jews, including the Holocaust, leads me to compassion, but it’s not justification for their becoming brutal in turn. Palestinians have been backed into a corner and are desperate. Jews, of all people, should understand.

All parties must meet and negotiate a viable peace. It’s time to put the weapons down, and let this sad land weep.

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