Occupy: Encampments or not? — Moss Henry

Occupy: Encampments or not?

I am wondering if those who have been involved with the Occupy Movement or followed it closely believe it’s valuable/essential that there be an encampment. Are you more likely to be active if there is? Or does it seem like a stage that was useful but can now be left behind? Please feel free to share thoughts you have about the Occupy Movement. I’m interested in hearing about it.

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  • Duncan

    I think the continuing presence of the Occupy movement is essential in these times where reform is priority number one. Please read the lead article Capitalism and Its Discontents by Richard Wolff in the February issue of Sun Magazine.

  • alice

    Moss, In regards to Occupy, I do think there is a value to have a resource tent like Sebastopol, SF, and other cities have. It keeps the image before the people and lets them know the movement is still happening. I think the encampments put too much attention on the struggle for encampments rather than a struggle for our message. The more part I will share with you when I see you. Thanks for your work and its nonstop effort.

  • Jonathan McClelland

    As an observor, not active participant of the “occupy movement”, I think that initially it was instrumental in publicizing some of what is out of balance in our society. As it continued, I felt that it tended toward trivial soundbites, and outlived its usefulness as an energizing or informational tool, and is an easily accessible example of disfunctionality for those who are eager to discredit the ideals that it initially stood for. Outrage at injustice deserves a more viable soapbox than the sadly disfunctional display it has become.

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