Pepper Spray, etc. — Moss Henry

Pepper Spray, etc.

The recent incidents of police brutality against peaceful protesters highlight a number of things:

Our government’s enthusiasm for protests elsewhere does not extend to our own citizens, no matter how justified the cause. In fact, democratic movements are a threat to US policies which often support dictators. That hypocrisy remains stable from administration to administration. Real democracy in this country has never existed and is a threat to the established power structure.

The police use overwhelming force to intimidate peaceful protesters. When police are abusive, other officers do not intervene, becoming, in effect, accessories and accomplices. Police officers are not held accountable for criminal actions because they are in uniform. When police are caught on camera as they are so often now, they receive mild reprimands rather than the consequences that would apply to anyone else. This must be one reason they continue to abuse people. Although part of the 99% who are being used by those in power, the police are captured by their role and the code of silence that pertains in police departments around the country.

This situation is dangerous to any country that calls itself free. A badge and uniform are not a license to commit crimes with impunity. We need civilian oversight of police activities and consequences commensurate with the crimes committed.


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