Cleveland Wrecking Ball — Moss Henry

Cleveland Wrecking Ball

Sixty Minutes aired a segment tonight showing abandoned homes in Cleveland being bulldozed, at taxpayer’s expense, after vandals had stripped them. Abandoned houses bring down property values, the economic justification for the destruction. Banks foreclosed on the homes, refusing to lower the principal so homeowners could stay and they would get something for the property, As it is, they apparently get nothing. Then they walked away from them seemingly without penalty or consequence. I don’t understand how they can do it. And they are not held accountable. Again! Banks were key players in creating the economic meltdown, including the housing bubble. To allow them to get away with this, is unconscionable.

We have a crisis of homelessness in this country and these houses, structurally sound, expensive to build and utilizing precious resources are being ripped down. Communities are shredded and people forced out. There are many similarly empty homes in Sonoma County. Common sense and compassion  lead me to say, “Let’s put people in those houses and let them pay what they can.” What do we have to lose?

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